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About me

About me:

Hello, I´m Michael Weinberger. I live in a flat in Allhaming, near Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. Allhaming is a village about 1500 inhabitants. There we have only a market, that´s called "Dorfladen”.

I´m 13 years old and  I´m an only child. I go to school in St. Florian, because I´m a member of the boys choir in the beautiful and big monastery. We go in a middle school. In the monastery we learn sing and play instruments. In our free time we also play Domino. Our new record is 398 Dominos. The famous composer Anton Bruckner lived and worked in the monastery. Close to St. Florian there are two lakes, where we go swimming. My favourite Subject in our school are Maths and PE. When I grow up I want to become computer programmers. My hobbies are: playing tennis, playing fistball, playing Computer, playing Domino or writing Kurrent. This is very interesting. My grandmother show me how to write it. I´m very funny and I´m telling a lot of Jokes.

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